Hi, my name is Fiona and I live in Essex, UK.  I spend my days writing, illustrating and managing my small family.

Things I love

Waiting for my orchids to bloom, Snowdonia, Lush bath bombs, trying new watercolours in gorgeous colours, mild days, buying new art supplies, Christmas carols, Christmas Eve, Legolas, writing stories, listening to YouTube videos of other artists and illustrators, Game of Thrones, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Vegetable Chilli (yummy), salt, homemade bread, my lightbox, black and white movies, hand knitted socks, atmospheric skies, singing along to lyrics from musicals, hanging out my washing on a lovely sunny day, bunny rabbits, baby mammals, playing my violin, the colour purple, pink lady apples, spicy food, salads, and driving.

Things I almost hate

Bland food, the school run, extreme cold, extreme heat, folding up laundry, aubergines, unsupportive mattresses, lack of sleep, migraines, wasting money, the smell of bleach, and chipped crockery.

Tools of my Trade

Pen and Inks, Watercolours, Gouache, Pencils, Markers and lots of Colour!

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